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Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023

This is our review of the best smoker grill combo for 2023 to help you select the ultimate option for you.

Best Smoker Grill Combo
Best Smoker Grill Combo Review

When selecting the best smoker grill combo, you need to consider several factors. This may include fuel type, versatility, temperature range, and quality. For more detail on this, you can find a full buying guide at the end of this article.

Selecting the best among so many options can seem a daunting task, but don’t worry because we’ve done the hard work to ease this task for you. We conducted deep research on the manufacturer’s websites and read through many user reviews of each alternative. With this, you’ll be able to judge for yourself what is the best smoker grill combo for yourself.

Based on our research and personal preferences, the best smoker grill combo is the Kamado Joe Classic. This smoker grill combo has the best performance and versatility in our opinion. Its only downside is that it can be more of a traditional style option than others reviewed.

Bear in mind this decision can vary depending on your personal tastes and how involved you like to be when grilling and barbecuing. As such, we encourage you to take a look at all the options below before making your decision.

Our Top Picks for Smoker Grill Combos

Top Pick – Kamado Joe Classic – 2 sizes

Runner-Up – Traeger Pro Series 22

Runner-Up – Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560

Best Value – Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo

Best Value – Char-Griller E-3001

Recommended – Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill

Recommended – Pit Barrel Cooker

Recommended – Camp Chef Woodwind 24

Recommended – Weber Original Kettle

9 Best Smoker Grill Combos Reviewed

Here´s our reviews for the best smoker grill combos available in the market:

Kamado Joe Classic Joe II or Classic Joe III

Main Features & Specs

  • Fuel: Charcoal
  • Quality / Construction Build: Stainless Steel, Ceramic
  • Temperature Control: Controlled by adjusting airflow
  • Size / Cooking Capacity: from 256 sq. in. to 660 sq. in. (with grates and grill expander)
  • Dimensions: 30” L x 46.5” W x 50.5” H
  • Temperature Range: 225°F to 750°F

The Kamado Joe for us is the best smoker grill combo available. Despite being one of the simplest we´ll review in this article, it is also incredibly versatile. It doesn’t come with many accessories included, but it is designed to be great at cooking without fancy whistles. Having said this, take note that using a Kamado Joe will have a learning curve. Luckily, there are many resources like us and channels on YouTube for you to learn how to use it properly. 

Pros – What makes the Kamado Joe Classic II a great option?

To simplify the response: Everything temperature-related. 

To begin with, the temperature range you can achieve with the Kamado Joe is the widest, which means you have more options on how and what to cook. You control the temperature by adjusting the intake and exhaust separately. For this, you use the intake for big adjustments and the exhaust for fine-tuning.

Once you achieve your desired temperature, the Kamado Joe is great at maintaining it without much change. Do take note that to get the best out of this combo, you´ll need to use lump charcoal. To achieve the higher temperatures, you´ll need the charcoal to be of good quality too (applicable to any charcoal combos). We recommend getting the fire starters too as they help with starting your grill. To make cleaning easier, the newer version of the Kamado Joe includes an ash pan that is helpful 

Finally, the Kamado Joe also offers a feature they call the Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System. What is it? It’s just a fancy name for having 2 or 3 cooking levels (depending on the model). This allows you to have different temperatures for your food at the same time (the closer to the charcoal the hotter). 

Cons – What are its negatives?

The main complaint with the Kamado Joe Classic II model is its size and cooking capacity. Most users will say it is good for up to 3 persons, but it can be small for a large group. If you use the grill expander you can increase the capacity, but this only works if you plan to cook at different temperatures. Thus, if your plan is to cook for many, you should look at the Big Joe models. The issue is that the prices will go up for these larger models. 

The second most common complaint is the product´s weight. For some reason, the Classic II model is advertised as a portable model. In reality, it is quite heavy. You´ll need at least 2 people to move it. The weight is also an issue when you are installing it for the first time, as you’ll likely need help to do it. The weight can also cause issues with the delivery. Some users report cosmetic damages while opening their Kamado Joes. Customer Support is described as excellent for most reviews, so if this happens to you, it can be resolved. 

Traeger Pro Series 22

Main Features & Specs

  • Fuel: Wood Pellets
  • Quality / Construction Build: Steel, powder-coated finish
  • Temperature Control: Digital Controller
  • Size / Cooking Capacity: 572 sq. in. 
  • Dimensions: 41” L x 27” W x 49” H
  • Temperature Range: Up to 450°F

The Traeger Pro Series 22 is one of the entry-level models for Traeger, but don´t think this means it is not a great smoker grill combo. This selection is especially good for starters as it is very simple to use. To learn how to use it better, you can download the Traeger app which has many tutorials and recipes.   

Pros – What makes the Traeger Pro Series 22 a great option?

The main advantage of pellet grills is their temperature control and ease of use. All you have to do is add the wood pellets, turn your combo on, and set the desired temperature. Then you can just wait for your meat to be ready. This model comes with a dual meat probe, you can be monitoring your cuts without having to open the grill. This is quite important to not lose the smoke and heat while checking your meat. 

Most people agree the grill is really easy to assemble, so you could do it by yourself with the help of 1 more person.  In case of any issue, reviews coincide that Traeger offers great customer support.

Cons – What are its negatives?

There are two main complaints with the Traeger Pro Series 22. The first one is its temperature range. Some users might complain you won’t get high enough temperatures for searing. As the model´s highest temperature is 450°F, this can easily happen in cold weather. To avoid this issue, Traeger recommends using the Reverse Sear Method for your steaks. Another solution could be to invest in their higher-end models like the Traeger Pro 575 or the Ironwood 650. Nonetheless, bear in mind these models will be significantly more expensive. 

The second issue is with delivery. The majority of the reviews report issues cosmetic damages upon receiving the  Traeger Pro Series 22. It seems the packaging is not the best, so unboxing the grill and finding a dent is not uncommon. Checking the reviews, buyers report that customer support did offer them a replacement, but Traeger required a return. 

Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560

Main Features & Specs

  • Fuel: Charcoal
  • Quality / Construction Build: Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Control: Digital Controller
  • Size / Cooking Capacity: 560 sq. in. 
  • Dimensions: 24.6″ L x 54.1″ W x 59.9″ H
  • Temperature Range: 225°F to 700°F 

If you are looking for a charcoal grill with the convenience of a pellet smoker, then you should consider the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560. This combination is not very usual and there are very few charcoal grills like this. 

Pros – What makes the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 a great option?

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 combines the great flavor from a charcoal grill with the convenience of a pellet smoker. It has a very ingenious system to feed the charcoal by its own weight (this is why it’s called the Gravity Series). If you want a smoky wood flavor, all you need to do is to add a couple of wood pieces to the hopper or place wood chunks in the ash bin. The heat and smoke are then fed to the grill by a digital precision fan. This design allows you to cook with great precision, stability, and reliability. With such simple controls, this alternative is really a set-it-and-forget-it smoker.

But it can do more. Masterbuilt claims it can reach 700°F in only 13 minutes, and the reviews confirm it. This is quite impressive considering you will only need to dial a digital dash. As such, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 has great versatility which is required in a good smoker grill combo. 

As for the assembly, most reviews say it is not difficult but be prepared for a long process with many steps. A couple of extra hands is recommended for the job.

Cons – What are its negatives?

Similar to the Camp Chef Woodwind 24 below, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 has an app to connect the grill to a smart device. Unfortunately, it is also the source of the majority of complaints. The issues reported include difficulty setting up the app, loss of connection, and limited app functionality. Some users report the app works fine sometimes, but it can cause frustration when it fails. You certainly don’t want to ruin a barbeque due to a poor app. Hopefully, future models will correct this. For the time being, we don’t recommend relying heavily on the remote control.

Other reported issues are less serious. Some users say that the grill can be inefficient in its coal consumption. Opposite to this, other users say you can save fuel with the ease of shutting down the grill. So this could maybe balance the issue out or at least reduce it. Another fairly common complaint was difficulty lighting up the grill. This seems to be more of a user error in the learning curve process. Using fire starters can easily solve this issue. Apart from this, the remaining common reports are small cosmetic damages upon delivery. This will be common in almost any grill due to their weight. In case it is serious, the customer support for Masterbuilt is well rated.

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Charcoal/Gas Smoker & Grill

Main Features & Specs

  • Fuel: Charcoal and Gas
  • Quality / Construction Build: Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Temperature Control:  Controlled by adjusting airflow and gas knob
  • Size / Cooking Capacity: 1,060 sq. in. 
  • Dimensions: 31.5” L x 74” W x 50.6” H
  • Temperature Range: Up to 500°F

The Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Charcoal/Gas Smoker & Grill is one of the most versatile combos available. It not only provides several cooking methods but also plenty of cooking capacity. Having said this, do note that this option will be the classic jack of all trades, master of none.

Pros – What makes the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo a great option?

This combo includes three different cooking methods: charcoal, gas, and an offset firebox for smoking. It also has a gas side burner, so you could almost say it has a fourth cooking option. The charcoal and gas components have separate chambers. This means you could be cooking in 2 different styles at the same time. Combining all chambers, you get a total cooking capacity of 1,060 sq. in., which is at the top of our list in the raw cooking area. 

This combo has a very heavy-duty build, so it should last a long while if properly maintained. This means coating it in oil (as instructed in the manual) and using a cover.  Otherwise, many reviews do report rusting on some components. 

In comparison to other options, the complaints about shipping and delivery are few with the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo. The worst cases are categorized as small dents, scratches, or chips upon delivery. 

Cons – What are its negatives?

The majority of the reviews vouch that each of the cooking methods works well. Yet, they also coincide the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo is not the best at each particular one. So if you compare it against a dedicated charcoal grill, the dedicated grill will likely perform better. Same for the others. Many users also report that the smoker is not properly sealed. This means you might need to do some modifications to make it airtight. This should improve the smoker´s performance. In summary, this option is great for versatility, but it is not best in class for each cooking method individually. 

The Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo is also quite heavy, so the assembly can take a while. You´ll need at least 2 people for the job. Its weight is also too much for its wheels. Most users recommend lifting it over using these wheels some describe as “wobbly”. 

Lastly, most reviews say the temperature gauges on the grill are not accurate. The quick fix for this would be to buy a separate thermometer and place it in the chamber while cooking.  

Char-Griller E-3001

Main Features & Specs

  • Fuel: Gas
  • Quality / Construction Build: Alloy Steel, powder-coated
  • Temperature Control:  Controlled by adjusting airflow and gas knob
  • Size / Cooking Capacity: 630 sq. in. (438 sq in grilling area and 192 sq in warming rack)
  • Dimensions: 49″ L x 28″ W x 49″ H
  • Temperature Range: 250°F to 400°F 

Our selection of the Char-Griller E-3001 might confuse some, as it is not a smoker grill combo. This option is a traditional gas grill. However, if you have a grill big enough (like this one) and you know how to modify it for smoking, any grill can be used as a combo. If you want a true combo from Char-Griller, look for their 1224 Smokin’ Pro Grill model.   

Pros – What makes the Char-Griller E-3001 a great option?

The Char-Griller E-3001 is our budget selection for a gas grill. It has three stainless steel burners with enough space to modify the grill for smoking. Don´t think this is hard, all you have to do is use:

  1. Use only one side of the burners.
  2. Tightly wrap wood chips in aluminum foil to create small pockets. 
  3. Using a knife, pierce holes in the top to let the smoke out. 
  4. Place the pockets directly where the burners are and wait for the smoke to start coming out.

With these simple steps, you will have a reliable, low-cost gas grill that can smoke as well. For direct grilling, many users report achieving temperatures as high as 700°F. However, Char-Griller does not recommend using above 400°F. Their support staff says that anything over 400°F can cause damage to the grill as well as to the paint. 400°F seems too low for any good searing, but taking it to 700°F might be too high. So we’d take the 400°F as a guide, but you can probably take it to 450-550°F when you want high temperatures. 

Cons – What are its negatives?

There are three main issues with the Char-Griller E-3001. The first one is a design flaw, as the propane tank is difficult to reach. This is an issue when the grill is hot and you want to shut it off. Not much you can do with this issue, except be aware of it. 

The second common complaint is that, although the grill is easy to assemble even by yourself, the instructions are vague. This can lead to a little extra time in the assembly as you try to figure out the directions. 

Lastly, most reviews say that the grill rusts quickly. To avoid this, the instructions recommend oiling the inside and outside of the grill seasonally. This should prevent or slow down the rusting. Having said this, you should not expect the same quality lifetime from the Char-Griller E-3001 as from other alternatives in this list. This option has a lower built quality.    

Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill

Main Features & Specs

  • Fuel: Wood Pellets
  • Quality / Construction Build: Porcelain Coated Grates, Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Temperature Control: Digital Controller
  • Size / Cooking Capacity: 700 sq. in. 
  • Dimensions: 24.8″ L x 22.05″ W x 43.11″ H
  • Temperature Range: 180°F to 500°F 

The Pit Boss 700FB is another great option for those looking for a reliable wood pellet grill. Pit Boss is a direct competitor of Traeger, although they are usually at a lower price range. So if you are looking to BBQ with minimum work, this is an option to consider. 

Pros – What makes the Pit Boss 700FB a great option?

This model offers a very good temperature range between 180°F to 500°F, plus an open flame for searing that can reach up to 1,000°F. Combined with a large cooking capacity, this is a very versatile grill in which you can cook for more than a few. Being a pellet grill, the Pit Boss 700FB will also simplify any smoking and grilling considerably. Having said this, still expect a learning curve to learn how to cook correctly in it.

Although the outer housing may seem thin, the heat shields are thicker steel, so it is a strong-built grill. The assembly is reviewed as very easy. Some buyers report they assembled in less than 30 minutes by themselves. In case any issues arise, customer support is described as great. 

Cons – What are its negatives?

The main complaint with the Pit Boss 700FB is that it does not maintain constant temperatures. Digging a little further, this is due to the fact that the grill does not feed the wood pellets based on the grill´s internal temperature. Instead, the pellets are added by a time measurement. As a fictional example, if you want to reach 250°F, it will feed 1 pellet every minute; if you want to reach 450°F, it will increase to 2 pellets every minute. The result is that the temperatures may fluctuate while cooking when compared to other grills. These other options will usually add the fuel based on a target temperature.

Apart from this complaint, the other reported issues are smaller. The most common ones are: The combo has no attachments like a side table or hanger. There seem to be minor smoke leaks that can be corrected by sealing the door to improve the smoking performance. Lastly, the frequent small dents upon delivery. 

Pit Barrel Cooker

Main Features & Specs

  • Fuel: Charcoal
  • Quality / Construction Build: Coated Steel
  • Temperature Control: Controlled by adjusting airflow
  • Size / Cooking Capacity: 240 sq. in. + 8 hooks to hang cuts
  • Dimensions: 21″ L x 21″ W x 31.1″ H
  • Temperature Range: 275°F to 500°F 

The Pit Barrel Cooker is an untraditional smoker grill combo. It is literally a modified barrel designed for smoking and grilling meat. Yet, this construction allows it to cook meat in a different way than other alternatives in this list. 

Pros – What makes the Pit Barrel Cooker a great option?

Don’t be discouraged by the small grilling area of 240 sq. in. when you see the specs of the Pit Barrel Cooker. Why not? Because the main strength of this combo is to hang meat, thus allowing heat to be 360° around each cut. This feature makes this a great option to cook a lot of meat in a cost-effective way. The only thing you need to be careful with is to watch out for long cuts. You don’t want the bottom of the meat to be touching the coals; otherwise, you´ll end up burning precious meat. 

Take note that the Pit Barrel Cooker will take some time to learn how to use. For example, you control the temperature with a small vent in the bottom of the grill which is very sensitive. So at the beginning at times you´ll feel you are having to adjust the vent too much to keep the temperature constant. With practice, you’ll learn how to use it and this won’t happen as much. The majority of users report repeatable and predictable great results.

Another very good feature is that the Pit Barrel Cooker has very few moving parts and is delivered almost ready to use. As such, assembly and maintenance are minimal.

Cons – What are its negatives?

A big complaint with the Pit Barrel Cooker is that it is more of a smoker, rather than a grill. This is not 100% true, as you can grill in it. The thing is that to do so, the instructions actually recommend you to light the grill in a different setup to achieve higher temperatures. As a result, you can’t grill and smoke at the same time. This takes away some versatility, especially when compared to other options.

The second big complaint is that the standard model doesn’t come with accessories. The best ones to consider buying are the hinged grill grate and the ash pan. The hinged grate drops to hang your cuts without having to take the whole grate off. The ash pan makes cleaning much easier. 

Apart from these complaints, the other issues are mainly due to user mistakes while learning how to use the Pit Barrel Cooker properly.

Camp Chef Woodwind 24 Pellet Grill & Smoker

Main Features & Specs

  • Fuel: Wood Pellets
  • Quality / Construction Build: Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Control: Digital Controller
  • Size / Cooking Capacity: 811 sq. in. (429 sq. in. in lower rack and 382 sq. in. in upper rack) + 231 sq. in. in sidekick flat top
  • Dimensions: 30″ L x 48″ W x 49″ H
  • Temperature Range: 160°F to 500°F (up to 650°F with direct flame)

Like other pellet combos, the Camp Chef Woodwind 24 is an option for those looking to simplify their barbequing experience. This alternative is on the higher end of costs, but so is its reliability and ease of use. 

Pros – What makes the Camp Chef Woodwind 24 Combo a great option?

The main benefit of the Camp Chef Woodwind 24 is its ease of use. All you need to do is set the target temperature and the grill takes care of the rest. More than that, you have separate controls for temperature and smokiness. This last is set with the PID controller which allows you to set how much wood smoke you want in your food. These features give you a lot of space to experiment and find your perfect balance for each cut. The Woodwind 24 also has an app connected to the grill through a WiFi connection. This gives you even more flexibility to control the grill´s temperature even remotely. So you can be preparing other sides or relaxing a little without putting your meat at risk. 

Another strong point for the Woodwind 24 is its SideKick accessories. These are powered separately with propane. The accessories include nice options like a Flat Top or a Sear Box for additional cooking capacity and versatility. Just be aware these are sold separately. For this same reason, you don’t need to buy them right away. With the base setup of the Woodwind 24, you can smoke and sear without needing any other accessories. So we recommend getting familiar with the basics before buying anything else.   

Cons – What are its negatives?

Unfortunately, one of the main strengths of the Woodwind 24 is also its main negative point. This is the WiFi and app feature. Why? Many users report having issues with the WiFi setup, especially with newer phones. However, once installed, most users say the app works fine, although it can be “glitchy” at times. This can certainly be discouraging, considering the price point of the Woodwind 24.

The other main issue with this alternative is its overall quality in relation to its price. Some users report rusting or minor defects with some components (for example meat probes not working or issues with the auger). These later issues are usually resolved by customer support within the warranty period. Rusting can be prevented with proper care and maintenance. Yet, once again, for the Woodwind 24´s price, these issues may seem bigger than in other options due to expectations.

Weber Original Kettle Premium  

Main Features & Specs

  • Fuel: Charcoal
  • Quality / Construction Build: Alloy Steel
  • Temperature Control: Controlled by adjusting airflow
  • Size / Cooking Capacity: 363 sq. in. 
  • Dimensions: 38.5″ L x 27″ W x 22.5″ H
  • Temperature Range: 250°F to 550°F

The Weber Original Kettle should be among the top options for any fan of traditional grilling. This model has been in the market for several years and still continues to be one of the best alternatives. Some may think this option is only for grilling. But it is also really good for smoking (especially if you get the charcoal dividers to cook with indirect heat). 

Pros – What makes the Weber Original Kettle a great option?

The Weber Original Kettle doesn’t have many fancy features, but it is very reliable and efficient in its job. Once you learn how to manage the temperature, you´ll be able to expect consistent results. The challenge is that you control it by adjusting the airflow in its lower and upper vents. To ease this, a recent change in the Weber Original Kettle was a modification in the shape of the lower vents. This small design change provides greater control in the airflow, thus making it easier to learn and master. For its price range, it is hard to find an alternative in which you can find the same reliability and quality.

The Weber Original Kettle we recommend is the Premium version. This model comes with a couple of features that make it more convenient, so in our opinion, it is worth the extra cost. These modifications include a detachable ash catcher at the bottom of the grill. Some users say it can be a little stiff and hard to release, but it facilitates cleaning considerably. It also comes with a hinged cooking grate which lets you add more charcoal without having to remove the whole grate. 

Lastly, if you are looking for a combo to move around easily, this is one of the most portable options. This is not only due because of its compact size, but also its big wheels. 

Cons – What are its negatives?

Overall, the Weber Original Kettle has the least amount of negative reviews. The few complaints are focused on a couple of points. The first one is the leg system, which can be a little complicated to assemble yourself. The system can also feel somehow flimsy when the grill is fully loaded. This doesn’t mean you can’t move the grill when it is full, just be careful while doing so to avoid tipping. 

Other negative reviews worth noticing are simply features to be aware of. For example, as you can see in the pictures, the Weber Original Kettle is very plain. Apart from a couple of hooks for your tools, you have no side tables or extra areas. This should come as no surprise. Just know that you will probably need to cook close to a support area or bring a small table next to the grill. Lastly, although the top handle is well insulated, this protection is not present in the top vent which gets pretty hot. So if you need to change the temperature while you are cooking, use a glove or a cloth to adjust the vent.    

Summary Table

For a quick comparison of all the main characteristics, see the table below:

ComboFuelConstruction Build: SizeTemperature Range:
Kamado Joe ClassicCharcoalStainless Steel, Ceramic256 to 660 sq. in.225°F to 750°F
Traeger Pro Series 22Wood PelletsSteel, powder-coated finish572 sq. in.Up to 450°F
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560CharcoalStainless Steel560 sq. in.225°F to 700°F
Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Charcoal and GasHeavy Gauge Steel1,060 sq. in.Up to 500°F
Char-Griller E-3001GasAlloy Steel, powder-coated630 sq. in.250°F to 400°F
Pit Boss 700FB Pellet GrillWood PelletsHeavy Gauge Steel700 sq. in.180°F to 500°F
Pit Barrel CookerCharcoalCoated Steel240 sq. in. + 8 hooks275°F to 500°F
Camp Chef Woodwind 24Wood PelletsStainless Steel811 sq. in.160°F to 650°F 
Weber Original KettleCharcoalAlloy Steel363 sq. in.250°F to 550°F

What to consider when buying?

To buy the best smoker grill combo, there are several points to consider: 


Selecting a fuel is a choice between flavor, heat, and convenience.

  • Charcoal provides the most classical, authentic flavor. At least that is the common consensus. It also provides a great heat range, able to sear as well as slow cooking. The downside is that it is also the messiest and hardest to clean. 
  • Wood is also a great choice for taste, some actually prefer it over charcoal. Similarly, it is also messy and hard to control in comparison to other options.
  • Pellets give you the benefit of great wood taste without the overall messiness (only some ash at the end). The negative aspect to consider is that not all pellet grills will allow you to sear. 
  • Gas and Electric grills will add no direct flavor on their own, but you can add some wood to solve this. You will also get the benefit of ease of use and no mess to clean. Their main con is that some gas and electric smokers render lower temperatures. Some other don´t provide options for direct heat (therefore no searing).

As a visual summary:

Fuel Type Characteristics


The quality of your grill will be determined by 2 key variables: Durability and Insulation.


The construction material will be the main variable to determine durability. Stainless steel is usually the best option. Look for the metal gauge to be graded 12 at most. Ideally, look for a smaller gauge (thicker metal).

Why is good material important? Recall that your grill needs to hold a high heat for short periods or low heat for several hours. Now bear in mind even good-quality steel will eventually rust. So a bad quality build may do the job for a few years, but it may not last long. A thick, quality metal will last long before it starts to weaken by rust at some point. 


The material and its thickness will determine your grill´s insulation. Good insulation is needed to hold the heat, which is especially needed in low and slow techniques. Again, if the metal´s gauge is 12 or lower, you will be making a good choice. 

Insulation can be negatively affected by possible leaks in chambers or lids. To avoid this, look for solid gasket seals.


Modern grills will have many extra features that can be helpful. What are the best ones to look for? 

Stability and Mobility

Good legs are needed to have a stable smoker grill combo. You don’t want it to tip over and lose all your effect accidentally! 

Similarly, wheels add mobility for when you need to move the combo around. Look for the wheels to be large and sturdy so they are stable while moving a loaded grill. 

External Protection

To help prevent rust and to ease cleaning, some smoker grill combos have special coated paints and ceramics. This is nice, but be aware these materials tend to be fragile and may chip or crack.

Temperature Control

Being able to control the heat and temperature is essential in a smoker grill combo. For this, you need to look for: 

  1. A built-in thermometer. Do note that these built-in thermometers are usually reported to be off by a couple of degrees. The reason is that the location of these thermometers is rarely the same as where the food is being cooked. Therefore, it is usually better to have a wireless thermometer at the same level of your meat. 
  2. Adjustable air vents to control air flows (in and out vents).

Temperature control is closely related to the fuel type. 

  • Charcoal and wood are usually the most difficult to learn how to control. It is completely doable, but you´ll need some practice adjusting the air vents. 
  • Gas and Electric are easier to control, as you simply turn a dial. 
  • If you are deciding towards a pellet grill, these have a thermostat to set a specific temperature. Some newer models even have connectivity with your phone through an app, so you can actually adjust the temperature remotely. This is a really cool feature that is not available in many other options.   

Easy to Clean

One aspect that is often overlooked is what happens AFTER your BBQ. Having an easy-to-clean smoker grill combo is a feature you´ll want to have. You don’t want to have food residues stuck in hard-to-reach places. 

So what does this meanwhile choosing? Look for practical features that will help the clean-up process. These characteristics can be detachable parts, removable ash pans, or grease traps. 


If you have ever been involved in a barbeque, you know there are many things you might want to do while you’re cooking. You might need to:

  • Take a quick peek
  • Add a couple of extra pieces of meat
  • Add a side meal (chicken, sausages, or burgers) while the main piece is ready
  • Warm bread
  • Grill vegetables or other sides
  • Add more charcoal/wood, or just rearrange it
  • Cook different pieces of meat at different temperatures

For any of the above, nice features simply have to do with making your grilling experience a pleasant one. So look for:

  • Heat-resistant handles
  • Separate chambers for grilling and smoking (or a single chamber with multiple layers or divisions) 
  • Easy access to fuel compartment 
  • Warming shelves 
  • Side burners

Size and Footprint

Keep in mind the following questions when selecting the size of the smoker grill combo that is right for you: 

  • For how many people do you usually cook for? If you have a big family, consider this so that you have enough cooking capacity. 
  • What do you like to cook often and how big are these cuts? For example, an entire rack of ribs usually comes with 10 to 13 ribs. Its size can range between 14-16 inches. If you have a grill smaller than this, you might need to cut the rack for cooking. Briskets can be between 8 to 12 inches long and you would usually prefer to cook them as a whole. 

So keep in mind the size and number of portions of what you aim to cook to make sure size won’t be a problem. 

Some options will have the benefit of having 2 or 3 grilling layers at different heights. This is quite useful because it not only provides extra space but also different cooking temperatures.

As the last tip on size, measure the space in your home where you are planning to place your combo. Some smoker grill combos can be big, so make sure you have enough footprint to fit it. 


If you are investing in a smoker grill combo, then it is because you want to be able to smoke some times, grill other times, or maybe mix them up on occasions. Why are we being so obvious? So that when you are choosing your option, you keep this in mind. It is better to select a combo that is good in both things, then select an option that is great at one thing but lousy at the other.

Temperature Range and Stability

Pay close attention to the achievable temperature range and temperature stability. This is closely related to versatility, and it is critical when selecting your smoker grill combo. Aim for options that will give a wide range from 200 to 650°F. 

Why is this needed? Let’s look at some examples: 

  • Some delicious meat cuts like a brisket or a pork butt need low and slow techniques to be cooked properly. This means you´ll need to cook them at temperatures between 225 to 250°F for several hours (usually between 8 to 16 hours). For this, you´ll need a combo that can
  1. Maintain temperature stability for long periods
  2. Easily adjust temperatures to set your ideal one (see Temperature Control section above) 
  • In some other cases, you´ll need the ability to sear and fast grill a cut. This is true for many cuts like a Tri-Tip or steaks like a Rib-Eye. For them, you´ll need a temperature close to 500 or 650°F to seal and caramelize them. Not all combos will be able to reach these temperatures, so make sure to check this before buying. 

Note that the temperature range reported in each combo will vary depending on where you live. This is because the external temperatures will influence the grill´s ability to reach its lowest and highest points. Thus, in cold weather, the highest temperature might be less; and in hot weather, the lowest temperature might be higher. 

Warranty and Return Policy

A smoker grill combo is usually not a light investment, so it is worth protecting. While some products only offer 12-month warranties, most should offer at least 3 years. Some of the best models even offer lifetime warranties.

Try to look for the options that offer the most, or even consider an extended warranty. It won’t be often that your combo will fail, but if they do, some repairs can be expensive. 

Finally, aim to look for options that have a good return policy. This will allow you to test the grill and make sure for yourself that it satisfies your needs.  

Price and Value 

All of the points discussed above will impact the price of your smoker grill combo. The higher the quality and the number of features, the higher the price will be. As with most purchases, you´ll need to balance the price versus the value and benefits that you´ll receive.


There are a couple of Frequently Asked Questions on smoker grill combos. The most common ones are: 

What is the difference between a Grill and a Smoker? 

Both grills and smokers are cooking devices. Their main difference is on how they cook it: 

  • Smokers are designed to cook in a low and slow fashion (what is truly known as barbecues) at temperatures between 200-300°F
  • Grills are designed to cook and sear quickly at high temperatures up to 650-700°F

The difference in the cooking style responds directly to the type of meat used. The norm is for tougher cuts to be smoked, while more tender meats are grilled. 

What is the Benefit of having a Combo?

In one word: Versatility. As described above, smokers and grills are used for different cooking styles. While some may prefer to buy a dedicated grill and a dedicated smoker, it is far more cost-effective to buy a smoker grill combo. You´ll also save more space in your backyard than having dedicated devices. 

Are there any Downsides?

Downsides depend on the type of combo you get. Although they should work for both grilling and smoking, some combos don´t have a good temperature range. This means they don’t reach high temperatures. This can be a big issue if you want to sear some cuts. However, this downside is avoidable. There are many models with great grilling capabilities.

Are there Different Types of Smoker Grill Combos?

Short answer: Yes. The main difference will be the fuel type that will power them. For more detail, refer to our Fuel point on the “What to consider when buying?” section. 

Should I Consider Upgrading to a Dedicated Grill or Smoker?

If you select a good smoker grill combo, you shouldn’t need to upgrade. Yet, if you have to cook for many, maybe one single combo could not be enough. When this is the case, then it could make sense to have dedicated devices or select a large combo. 

Our Top Choice 

A smoker grill combo is a piece of great equipment for people who like to mix up their cooking style between low n slow and searing.

We conducted extensive research to evaluate the best smoker grill combos in the market. After all this, we believe the Kamado Joe Classic is the top alternative out there. 

This combo is more traditional and will need more involvement than others reviewed. Yet, it has the best performance and versatility in our opinion.

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